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over 1 year ago

T-5 days: choose your challenge (and bounty!)

Hey hackers,

NEARCON is approaching fast, time to introduce our bounties. In addition to anything (and we mean anything!) you could build on NEAR, we prepared a couple of ideas you could hack as your main project or as a second submission. Because who doesn't love doubling their chances at winning?

More information about our rules, judging criteria and prizes here.


JS SDK Crashtest

Javascript SDK is created by Web3 developers to get Web2 folks building dApps effortlessly. Our JavaScript SDK makes the transition as frictionless as possible – so you can spend less time learning new languages, and more time building.

JS SDK is a new product tried on just one hackathon. We need more developers’ feedback! 

If you’re using it to build your hackathon project, solve another challenge and compete for two bounties at once:

  • Document your journey creating new documentation, tutorial, or educational video
  • Hunt and report bugs
  • Suggest and build a new feature to make the SDK even more usable

Oracle bounty

NEAR ecosystem still has opportunity for data providers (oracles) as data from the world is not directly accessible from within the NEAR Network.

As an addition to your main challenge, create an oracle to query data from outside the NEAR network, such as weather data, sports, etc.

Use our examples and docs to help you navigate.


Choose only one track below (Integration, App, or Wildcard), to build open source components or applications. We want to build tools that are not only for proprietary projects, but also open source tools so that others can help build the new digital economy, bringing utility to NFTs to the masses. Bonus for creative use of royalties and split revenues.


  • Integrate Mintbase NFTs with other web2 platforms like canva, figma, shopify
  • Integrate Mintbase NFTs with existing NEAR dapps like astro or roketo, or your own


  • Social, (e.g. minsta, mint your photo and the last photographer becomes the owner of the new mints)
  • Unlockables / Gated Content (e.g. a stock app where only license holders can download assets)
  • Create your own minter, market, or redeeming systems that do something unique
  • Utilize the NEARCON tickets within your app
  • News (utilize permanent web storage for podcasts, video, and news feeds)
  • Voting or polling app open to or weighted based on NFT holdings
  • Market that only pulls in select stores, gateway for niche markets, example: Only Mintbase stores that are in the Berlin nightclub scene.
  • Build your own auction site
  • Build a music streaming app, only import NFTs with with the metata/animation_type = “audio/mpeg”
  • Build a 3d gaming asset app, only import NFTs with with the metata/animation_type = “model/gltf-binary”


  • Trigger mintbase js calls from iOT device, maybe bring your DJI drone?
  • Connecting other Smart contracts in your own creative way 
  • Zero knowledge research and implementation  
  • Identity solutions, not soulbound tokens, we love the transfer function, but validating initial issuance through provenance and KYC leveling for accounts would be fun to dive into.
  • Up to you, go nuts…
Getting Started + Help


Covalent is offering a $5,000 USD (equivalent in stablecoin) prize pool for all projects that make meaningful use of any Covalent API endpoints for their NEARCON 2022 Hackathon build. Prizes will be awarded at Covalent's discretion based on (but not limited to) the following criteria:

  • Quality of use case
  • A working demo
  • Number of Covalent API endpoints used
  • Multi-chain support, including Aurora
  • Qualifying projects must use at least one Covalent API endpoint and pull on-chain data from Aurora (mainnet or testnet).

Our API is ideal for building multi-chain projects related to:

  • On-chain analytics dashboards
  • Asset tracking
  • Wallets
  • NFT marketplaces & galleries
  • ROI & tax calculators

Developer resources:

  • API Docs - Use the Covalent API directly from the browser with our API docs
  • Starter templates - Build off our ready-to-ship Web3 use case templates for wallets, NFT collections, DEXs and price trackers. Bonus karma for starring this repo ⭐!


Integrate Roketo in your product!

Roketo is a NEAR based smart contract that allows time-distributed tokens transfer. 

If you are in short supply of ideas, here we offer the following options for implementation:

  • Build a video/music streaming dapp with recurrent payments by Roketo.
  • Build a web3 Game with battlepass by Roketo: The Gamer can only play while his stream lasts (from him to the Game).
  • Build freelance marketplace with recurrent payments via Roketo mechanics.
  • Build NFT marketplace with NFT renting mechanics by Roketo.
  • Build any service with subscription logic using Roketo.
Getting Started + Help


Providing liquidity involves adding two tokens in equal proportion to the ratio of the corresponding pool.

In this challenge, you would need to create a demo to prove that your solution can manage / execute a Zap Swap. In other words, one or multipe transactions that contain(s) the following actions:

  1. Swap token A for token B
  2. Swap token A for token C
  3. Add liquidity of token B and C in B <> C pool




Armored Kingdom chronicles the medieval dynasties of Armoria, a world named after a powerful and mysterious metal, Armorite. No one has been able to mine Armorite—no one since the Ancestors, a vanished dynasty who used it to forge magical weapons now scattered across the lands. Each of these weapons has the ability to change the balance of power among the warring dynasties, which include humans; the jungle dwelling creatures of the Kingdom of the Horn; the amphibious Costraca; and the Warri, a society of secretive assassins.

There is nothing that drives the feeling of community as much as sharing stories. Do you have a story to tell? Submit it for this hackathon to compete for an Armored Kindgom bounty!




If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum